The Online Games Debate

While both sides believe that they are thinking about the welfare of the gamer, their opinions differ on how long and what effects games have on the mind. This article will discuss the debate from both sides of the aisle, as well as how it may affect the gamers themselves. Here are some of the topics that are at the heart of this controversy:

Argument Wars

If you are looking for an interactive way to engage your students in civics lessons, you may want to try Argument Wars. This game is a simulation of real Supreme Court cases, and students take on the roles of lawyers. They must piece together evidence to form a coherent debate. The strongest argument wins!

Loot boxes

Loot boxes are a popular part of many video games, and they have caused a lot of controversy. Many critics consider loot boxes to be a “pay to win” system that affects gameplay systems. Others call them anti-consumer, idn poker and there have been calls for laws to regulate these systems.


Violence in online games affects players of all ages and genders. This study aims to identify the factors that influence the level of cyber violence in online games. It also highlights the role of gender as a motivating factor for violence. The study found that the presence of women in online games increases the risk of violence.


Overplaying online games is a very real danger to a child’s health. It’s been shown that playing video games excessively can deplete the brain’s supply of dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for motivation. As a result, the brain becomes less sensitive to rewards and needs more time to get the same effects.

Future research

While there are a variety of potential negative effects of online video games, there are also many positive outcomes. Whether a game is used for learning or just for fun, it should be developed in a manner that allows for appropriate feedback. In addition, new types of games should be introduced and tested with instructor guidance.

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