Enjoy Your Rides In Style With The Right Limousine Company

A limousine, also known as a car limousine for short, is usually a big luxury vehicle typically driven by a chauffeur only with a partition separating the passenger’s room from the driver’s room. In fact, there is hardly any place on earth where a limousine will not be a welcome car. Limousines are vehicles of choice when it comes to special occasions like weddings, proms, pageants and sporting events. It is also favored by celebrities especially when they are in town to spend a night or two in a famous nightclub. Limousines can be hired for prom parties as well.

If you have never had the experience of riding in a limousine, you should do so at least once in your lifetime. Riding in a luxury sedan is more than just about the comfort level of the driver and the ride. The limousine provides an instant background check on the people around you as well as the area you are traveling to. Thus, if there are people whom you would like to avoid on your journey to get to your destination, you can opt for the stretch limousine service.

Stretch limousine services are available in many different price ranges. The price of a limousine depends on many factors including the number of passengers who will be accommodated in the vehicle, the distance you intend to travel and even on the amenities available in the limousine. There are cars which have amenities such as TV sets, VCR players, laptops, refrigerators, big televisions, tinted windows, and other hi-tech gadgets fitted in them. Such cars are known as stretch limousines. A stretch limousine is a luxury car which comes with features that are not present in the ordinary sedans.

However, if you want to go in a luxury vehicle that has all the basic facilities without paying an exorbitant price, you should opt for a passenger vehicle like a sedan. While a limousine has features which are beyond an ordinary passenger vehicle, a sedan has all the conveniences that a normal passenger vehicle has along with some extra features. It would be wiser to opt for a sedan when you are looking out for a luxury vehicle.

Even though a limousine has features that are beyond an ordinary luxury sedan, you can also choose a sedan which has all the basic facilities minus one or two. You can get a spacious limousine with an open driver’s cabin. In this type of limousine, the backseat passenger sits in a closed compartment whereas the driver sits in an open compartment in the front. This type of limousine also offers a spacious trunk with an automatic drop down door. Some luxury sedans have cup holders in the front and in the back of the compartment while others come equipped with a snack cup holder and a magazine rack.

If you are opting for a limousine for a night out with your friends then you can opt for a town car limousine. However, the most common type of limousine is the limousine that is used for weddings and other special occasions. A wedding limousine is a stretch limousine that has been specifically designed and built for a single passenger. A town car limousine on the other hand is designed to accommodate two passengers and it is ideal for use on roads where transportation between places is an issue. Thus, depending on the occasion on which you need a limousine for, you can opt for a luxury vehicle like a limo or a limousine.

Posted by Alberto